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Select-Me Media, LLC is an American-based company bringing style and simplicity to your personal and professional online experiences.

Our professional services division specializes in specialty consulting services to community organizations who seek to better differentiate themselves, improve mission delivery, and enhance supporter communication through the use of personalized online strategies and new media opportunities.

Our publishing division does the hard work for readers by finding and making easily accessible key articles on topics that can help people to more easily improve their life and the lives of those with whom they are close. Topics range from educational options, scholarships, and entrance exam strategies, to career planning, job hunting, and interviewing tips.

Our direct-to-consumer retail division specializes in selling products that touch at least one aspect of a person's “online life” and that relate to the concepts of personal branding and personalization.

We invite you to explore our products and services, we welcome your feedback, and we appreciate your business and continued positive recommendations to others.

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We are creatively and technically balanced to serve you best. Select-Me Media, LLC is led by an experienced systems engineer / management consultant, an MBA marketer, and a graduate-trained engineer. This means that we speak your language! Whether it's retail, professional services, or the public sector, we've been there. We help you thrive and we want to see you succeed!