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Our publishing division is the new power behind NN7.Us and the portfolio of specialty “Best of” mini-magazines that this brand highlights. For our valued readers, Select-Me Media, LLC has done the hard work by finding & making easily available to them in one place key articles on topics that can help to empower them on their journeys to a better life for themselves and for those whom they love.

Because when there's no time for searching, the “Best of” specialty mini-magazines of NN7.Us can save time and effort so readers can better relax and take action on the information for which they desire.

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Recent News


8/27/2010.  Announcing the launch of NN7.Us — “New News, 7 days a week, for Us!”. It's the place for people on the go who need fast news about specialty topics important to them. Site topics at launch include news for job hunters and those seeking higher education. Stay tuned for more titles to be added to this growing portfolio of sites under the exciting new NN7.Us news brand.


5/22/2010.  Announcing the acquisition of two new online news sites dedicated to career planning and job hunting. Click a link below for more details.


1/3/2010.  Announcing four new online news magazines that address the planning needs of those aspiring to success in higher education: for undergraduate students; graduate students; MBA students; and medical, dental, and nursing school students.

Career Planning and Recruiting, Salary & Wages, and Job Opportunity & Career Change News

This is -- your source for career changers & those new to the job market and for those who want to maximize employment opportunities.

Best Graduate Schools and Master's Degree Programs, Personal Statement Tips, and GRE News

This is -- your source for the aspiring graduate student and those who want to understand their choices.

Top MBA Business Schools, Executive Management Programs, Online MBA, and GMAT News

This is -- your source for the determined MBA student and those who care want to see them successful.

Resume Writing and Cover Letters, Interview Questions, and Employment & Job Search News

This is www.SelectMe.Biz -- your source for job hunters, people wanting to improve their interview techniques, and those who want to help them achieve their dreams.

Best Medical Schools, Dental Schools, Online Nursing Programs, and MCAT Exam News

This is -- your source for the aspiring health professional and those who want to help them achieve their dreams.

Top College and University Degrees, Scholarships, Student Loans, and Financial Aid News

coming soon -- your source for the aspiring undergraduate and those who care how they will pay for their education.