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The Select-Me Media, LLC professional services division can help you to bridge the deplyoment gap in today's online world between the marketing disciplines of brand management, creativity, and communications, and the technical disciplines of quantitative analytics, decision support, and information technology.

Our specialty is to fulfill your critical needs of a team member with the depth and diversity of experience to communicate, coordinate, and advocate on your behalf with experts in each of the above listed fields throughout the product and market development lifecycle so that plans can be transformed into reality.

You will want to work with Select-Me Media because we believe in sustainable success and educational sharing. We've faced and solved many challenges in the online retail space and this motivates us to leverage our learnings in a way that also benefits others. That's why our services division exists. To help you and your team get through the seemingly complex hurdles that are currently standing in the way of achieving your group's mission and taking your team to a new level of success.

Please read below to discover more about our service philosophy and a sampling of our web toolkit and approach that guides results.



We help service groups navigate the world of e-commerce and make online strategies that lift communications, energize their mission, and create stronger community ties.


We help small- and medium-sized business owners manage projects to improve their online visibility.


We create online experiences that are maintainable, flexible, and fun. We reduce complexity, enhance style, and improve sales opportunities.


Professional Email

We power professional web-based email accounts so you can have the best without having to own email servers or update anti-virus/spam software.

We shrink the high fixed overhead costs of running your own servers so you can instead stay in control with more flexible per-account licensing.

We enable email addresses where you choose the words on both the left and right sides of an email's '@'sign for improved organizational branding and professionalism. Plus, we don't insert ads nor sellout your privacy.

Practical Consulting

Unlike others, we recognize that in an online world the level of success and means by which people and organizations ultimately achieve their unique image — i.e., personalization and differentiation — is quite dependant on the availibility of people to coordinate and implement a cohesive technical and mission-critical strategy. Therefore, in addition to a common grounding in marketing strategy, branding concepts, and the psychology of buying, we bring experience and understanding of the specific technologies that can be used to achieve personal and professional branding goals.

But this isn't all. Unlike others, we know that service organizations who rely on volunteers are very different in their implementation vs. those with full-time staffs. So we make sure to cater to their special training needs and desire for flexibility, fulfillment, and distributed workloads.

We've helped groups whose service delivery area ranged in size from a single metropolitan area to as many as six states. When working with clients, we strive to ensure that everyone can initially know and understand what's possible, and ultimately can communicate in a consistent manner what is wanted to be accomplished. Upon developing and validating a plan of goals and requirements we can then go to a shelf of high-tech, low-tech, or no-tech products to implement a clients' plan in an efficient and effective manner that respects the need for measurable results, aligned incentives throughout an organization, and consistent external communications messages from the team to everyone else in a manner that grows success.

Sustainable Websites

We create practical websites that can be regularly updated by your team without any of them needing to know how to program.

We transform tired websites into exciting ones that are easier to view and which more fully convert visitors into customers.

Unlike others, Select-Me Media enables better communications because we can reduce the time delay bottlenecks of older websites that rely on one person to update everything. With our permission handler feature, created especially for churches, work can be distributed so non-technical volunteers can easily edit their permissioned areas without worry that they'll edit pages they're not allowed to change.